Sunday, 8 November 2015

MFSRadio Presents: Kuwa Bahati Nzuri (Having Good Luck) Blackness Vol.55

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MFSRadio Presents: 
''Kuwa Bahati Nzuri (Having Good Luck)''
Blackness Vol.55

01. Olympic Runners - Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is
02. Darrow Fletcher - We've Got To Get An Understanding
03. Popcorn Wylie - Funky Rubber Band (Instrumental)
04. Kool & The Gang - North, East, South, West
05. Manu Dibango - New Bell
06. Lilian Hale - Don't Boom Boom
07. Bad Medicine - Trespasser Pt.1
08. Black Heat - Chip's Funk
09. Crown Heights Affair - Streaking
10. African Music Machine - The Dapp
11. Experience Unlimited - E.U. Groove
12. Lionel Hampton - Greasy Greens
13. James Booker - Gonzo
14. Pat Alley - Pat's Rubber Band
15. David Batiste - Funky Soul Pt.2
16. Don (Soul Train) Campbell - Campbell Lock
17. (The Female Preacher) Lyn Collins - Fly Me To The Moon
18. Ohio Players - Who'd She Coo?

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Total Time: 00:59:06
Radio Program/ Music by JP
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