Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Andy's MFSRadio Show #13 - Grooving With Grover

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Andy's MFSRadio Show #13 
''Grooving With Grover''

1. Inner City Blues
2. Lock It In The Pocket
3. Sausalito
4. Summer Song
5. Black Frost
6. Santa Cruzin
7. Let It Flow
8. Mr Magic

Music selected by Andy
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5 cents said...

Thanks for the interesting shows. I am more jazz-oriented, but the funk is good, too. Especially liked your Big Band Show--big Thad Jones-Mel Lewis fan. Very happy you are still "on the air." 86F in Sacramento, CA. Guess Fall will get her eventually. Cheers. b

5 cents said...

Thanks for the great shows. Very happy you are still "on the air." Especially liked your Big Band collection. Big Thad Jones-Mel Lewis fan. The funk and soul stuff is fine. I am more of a straight ahead jazz-be bop guy, but I enjoy all your selections. Must admit though, all Maze stuff sounds the same to me . What do I know? 86F in Sacramento. Maybe Fall next month. Cheers. b