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Soul Jazz Feeling: Idris Muhammad's Peace And Rhythm (1971)

Idris Muhammad - Peace & Rhythm (1971) Front
Idris Muhammad

''Peace And Rhythm''
( LP Prestige Records, 1971 )
Catalog # PR 10036

A1 Peace 12:05
A2 Rhythm 5:55
B1 Brother You Know You're Doing Wrong 5:40
B2 Don't Knock My Love 4:45
B3 I'm A Believer 5:20

Personnel & Credits:
Bass – Ron Carter
Bass [Fender] – Jimmy Lewis
Congas – Buddy Caldwell
Drums, Saxophone [Alto], Cabasa, Gong – Idris Muhammad
Electric Piano – Kenny Barron
Engineer – Rudy Van Gelder
Guitar – Alan Fontaine, Melvin Sparks
Percussion, Timbales – Angel Allende
Saxophone [Tenor], Saxophone [Soprano], Flute, Bells, Arranged By – Clarence Thomas
Trumpet – Virgil Jones
Vibraphone – Willie Bivins
Vocals – Sakinah Muhammad

More technical & release info:
Virgil Jones (tp) Clarence Thomas (ts, ss, fl, bells) Alan Fontaine, Melvin Sparks (g) Jimmy Lewis (el-b) Idris Muhammad (d, gong, cowbell, cabasa, autohorn) Buddy Caldwell (cga) Sakinah Muhammad (vo -1,3)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 13, 1971
1. Brother You Know You're Doing Wrong
2. Don't Knock My Love
3. I'm A Believer
Virgil Jones (tp) Clarence Thomas (ts, ss, fl, bells) William Bivens (vib) Kenny Barron (el-p) Ron Carter (b) Idris Muhammad (d, gong, cowbell, cabasa, autohorn) Buddy Caldwell (cga) Angel Allende (per, tim)
Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 20, 1971
Peace And Rhythm Suite: Peace
Peace And Rhythm Suite: Rhythm

Format:Vinyl, LP

Idris Muhammad - Peace & Rhythm (1971) Back


By Stewart Mason (AMG):
Parts of the second solo album by Prestige Records' house drummer, Idris Muhammad, are an even poppier affair than Black Rhythm Revolution, with a mellow soul-jazz feel replacing the slight Latin tinge of the earlier album. Side one is downright crossover, with its two pieces of positive-thinking pop (the lyrics, by Muhammad, are sung by his wife, Sakinah Muhammad) separated by a loose but faithful take on Wilson Pickett's "Don't Knock My Love." That's just side one, though. Side two is something much weirder and far more interesting. "The Peace and Rhythm Suite" is a side-long suite consisting of two long, spacy compositions that predate the ambient house scene by nearly two decades yet sound entirely of a piece with that style. Long, droning, sustained chords on a variety of wind and reed instruments float above Muhammad's percussion, which ebbs and flows in a free, almost arrhythmic way through most of the piece. Fans of the Orb or Brian Eno will find it an old hat, but for early-'70s jazz, this was downright revolutionary.

Peace & Rhythm is a wonderful departure from Muhammad – and proof that he could do a lot more than just provide heavy breaks for Lou Donaldson and Melvin Sparks! This set is surprisingly spiritual and righteous at points – with a groove that's almost more like Strata East than some of Muhammad's previous work as a sideman on Blue Note and Prestige. Side one features the extended "Peace and Rhythm Suite" – a beautiful cut that's filled with searching, soaring energy – and side two includes two vocal cuts "Brother You Know You're Doing Wrong" and "I'm a Believer", both sung by Sakinah Muhammad – plus "Don't Knock My Love". Players are all great – and a nicely different lineup than the usual Prestige jazz funk gang.
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Idris Muhammad - Peace & Rhythm (1971) Label

''Don't Knock My Love''

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