Thursday, 29 August 2013

MFSRadio Presents: Big City Beats Vol.8 Wild Dreams

bigcb wild dreams
MFSRadio Presents:
Big City Beats Vol.8
Wild Dreams

1. Fatback Band - Wild Dreams
2. Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do For Love
3. Divine Styler - Word Power
4. Grant Green - The Final Comedown
5. Brand New Heavies & Kool G Rap - Death Threat
6. Young Holt Unlimited - Rubber Lips
7. Charles Kynard - Zambezi
8. Beastie Boys - Groove Holmes
9. Tito Puente - Shoshana
10. Harry Stoneham - Move In
11. Luther Harris - Black Feeling
12. Chuck Brown - Block Party

Music selected by JP The Ape Man
Total Time: 00:57:00
Radio Program/ Music by JP ''The Ape Man''
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