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Info-Promo: Jean Claude Gavri #3 In the Cocobinwax003 - Strictly Limited Edition 300 copies - 12inch Available July 8th - Promo Snippets

Jean Claude Gavri in cocobinwax003

Jean Claude Gavri
#3 In the Cocobinwax003 - Strictly Limited Edition 300 copies
12inch Available July 8th - promo snippets

Cocobinwax Re Edit Series, loaded with 4 monster tracks, release date: 8-7-13, Limited Edition - 300 copies

CATALOGUE #: Cocobinwax003
LABEL: Coco bin
ARTIST: Jean Claude Gavri
TITLE: Cocobinwax003
RELEASE DATE: 08-07-13

1) The Hangover (JCG Seven Minutes Of Lustiness)
2) I Did You (JCG 70s Rub)
1) All Around The World (JCG Vinyl Touch Up)
2) Mental Chains (JCG Acid Mix)

#3 In the Cocobinwax Re Edit series – Jean Claude Gavri returns with a 4 track smasher.
As in the previous 2 Coco Bin Wax releases, these are completely reworked tracks, not just chops and effects but some serious production value added. Tracks are ranging from 115-117rpm.
The opening killer track "The Hangover" is a Dirty, Grainy, Percussive Instrumental rub of the "Love Hangover", classic peak time hands in the air disco monster.
"I Did You" is A sleazy play-on-word on "I Dig You" – originally by Demis Roussos. Here as well, the vibe is raw & grainy to fit the sleaze of the original, with loads of percussive layers and a phat bumpy kick.
"All Around The World", originally "I Love You Dancer" by Voyage, is a solid, straight forward touch up of this Euro Disco Rarity. The structure is pretty faithful to the original track, as well as JCG's sound choices. Delicious, proper vocal relief to a proper DJ set.
"Mental Chains" gives a twist to the plot. Originally titled "New Song" – this was the debut hit single for one man band Howard Jones back in 1983. If JCG's  Euphoric instrumental is taking the track to a new level, DJs this is a very powerful weapon you got here, use it wisely.

Cocobinwax003 is limited to 300 copies.

Jean Claude announced "Coco Bin Wax" - his vinyl only label, with the monster debute release - "The Get Down", Followed by "Les Dance", both titles are nearly sold out.
Currently Jean Claude is focusing on both Original productions and Remixes, and touring extensively.
3 more vinyls are currently in the making and should be out in the next couple of months.

On "Luv Hangover"
" Tel Aviv's Jean-Claude Gavri has a rising reputation in the edits world, thanks largely to a string of releases that provide sturdy, floor-friendly reworks of both well-known and relatively obscure jams. The general vibe is sweaty and upbeat, giving the impression that Garvi's primary concern is always the dancefloor. "
On "Pulp Disco 2"
" In the last six months, Tel Aviv-based producer Jean-Claude Gavri has come from relative obscurity to dominate the disco edit download charts. It's not hard to see why; his edits are dubby, percussive and floor-friendly, beefing up the original tracks without resorting to cheap tricks such as filters and super-compressed additional kicks. This second full-length collection of sneaky reworks features plenty of high-grade material,"
On "Nite Dubbin"
" Having made his name via a series of much-played re-edit releases, Jean Claude Gavri makes the move to original production with a sparkling two-tracker. The original version of "Nite Dubbin" begins with two and a half minutes of sturdy disco drums, before dropping into a mesmerizing, hands-in-the-air piano breakdown that seems to last an eternity. By the time the drums come back in, you'll be lost in music ".
On "Edition Limitee"
" Hard-working scalpel fiend Jean-Claude Gavri seems to knock-out heavyweight disco re-edits at a furious rate. Here he presents four more tried-and-tested reworks to tickle the fancy of confirmed disco deviants
On "Sunny Side Up"
" More from prolific scalpel specialist Jean-Claude Gavri, who appears to be attempting to set a record for the most releases in the shortest space of time. We've no complaints though, as his pleasingly faithful re-edits and reworks are rarely less than essential. This latest EP features four more 'floor-friendly rubs.

Jean Claude Gavri
T: +972 (0)52 5442099
E: jeanclaudegavri@gmail.com
Soundcloud: Jean Claude Gavri http://soundcloud.com/jeanclaudegavri

MFSRadio Web Radio is proud and glad to promote Jean Claude and his great & beautiful work. And more has to come...
Here on MFS Mr.Gavri is at his home, ever. ''...dusty fingers is a way of life...''

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