Thursday, 31 December 2015

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MFS©™ Web Radio Channel 1 Programs:
(Programs are daily updated approx. at 
00:00 Brasilia-São Paulo Time)
Monday - MFS©™ Best Radio Programs:
Happy Radio
Don’t You (Forget About The ‘80s)
Black Station Records
Funkyman’s MFSRadio Special
Mr.Blax's Cocktail Musical
Samba Rock Special
Non Stop Reggae Sets
Tuesday - MFS©™Radio  Jazz & Funk Blaxploitation Era:
Big City Beats Series
MFS©™Radio Blackness Series
Andy's MFSRadio Show
Funkyman’s Afro & Funk Music
The Return Of The Shaft Era
Funkyman’s MFSRadio Special
Non Stop Jazz Radio Sets
Wednesday - From The Vaults-Disco Classics:
DJ Miki Ciak
Dancin’ Disco Party (Reprise)
MFS©™Radio Disco Radio Series
DJs' Vaults from the '70s Various Sets
Funkyman Playlists
Non Stop Disco Dance Radio Sets
Thursday - Nu-Disco House Soulful House & DJs:
Ape Man Partay 
Nu-Disco Various Sets
DJs Various Sets
Non Stop Nu-Disco & House Radio Sets
Friday - MFSRadio Podcasts & More Disco Funk:
Disco Radio
Simona Faraone's Pharaoh Podcast
Andy's MFSRadio Show (Reprise)
Rob FunkyFrog's Podcasts
Funkyman's Best Compilations
Saturday - MFS©™ Radio Disco Weekend:
DJ Miki Ciak
Dancin’ Disco Party
Funkyman’s Disco Funk
Electro & Hip Hop Old School
M.Fontana's Merymix
DJs Various Sets
DJ Miki Ciak
Ape Man Presents: Edits
One-DJ Special (Special Mixset Non-Stop)
MFS©™Radio Non Stop Music

MFS©™ Radio Web Radio & Podcasts 
by Inagroove© Productions

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Music for Songwriters said...

Great share man! nice work in putting all of it together! kudos! keep it up!...

opuj74d said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Brad Fallon said...

I started listening in 2008 and ever since, I became an avid fan. Keep all the music alive and kickin guys!


GRAZIE come sempre riuscite ad allietare alcuni momenti delle mie giornate con ottima musica

PS: PIER come promesso ti manderò a giorni qalcosa di mio....un abbraccio GUIDO/LF

MFS Equipe ♪ said...

Grazie Guido!