Monday, 18 June 2012

MFS Radio Presents: MFS Gone Go-Go - The Beat Is Bad! - Radio Program

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MFS Radio Presents:

''MFS Gone Go-Go - The Beat Is Bad!''

1. Trouble Funk Percussion Intro:
A - The Beat
B - Trouble Funk Express
C - Pump Me Up
2. T.T.E.D. All Stars Feat. Kooly Kool The Dj - All Wrapped Up In One
3. Mass Extension - Happy Feet
4. Rare Essence - Body Moves
5. Code Red - Virginia Gone Go-Go
6. Double Agent Rock - Chillin' Out
7. Trouble Funk - Good To Go
8. Trouble Funk - Still Smokin'
9. Trouble Funk - Say What
10. Trouble Funk - Roll With It
11. E.U. - Cabbage Patch
12. Hot, Cold Sweat - Meet Me At The Go-Go

Washington Go-Go Beats Presented by The Ape Man
Radio Program/Total Time: 01:04:45
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