Wednesday, 25 April 2012

MFS Radio Presents: Blue Mitchell - Best Off (A Tribute)


MFS Radio Presents:

Blue Mitchell - Best Off (A Tribute)

1 AM-FM Blues
2 Beans And Taters
3 Blue Funk
4 Collaborations
5 Daydream
6 Funky Walk
7 Good Humour Man
8 H.N.I.C.
9 Harmony Of The Underworld
10 Hot Stuff
11 Perception
12 Where It's At
13 A Day At The Mint
14 Funkthesizer
15 Love Has Made Me A Dreamer
16 Soul Turn Around
17 Steal The Feel
18 The Last Tango In Paris
19 The Message

Radio Program Selected & Compiled by FunkyMan62
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2012
MFS©: The Only & Original Since 2006

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