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From The Master Tom Moulton: ''Philly ReGrooved 2: The Tom Moulton Remixes''


Various Artists

''Philly ReGrooved 2: The Tom Moulton Remixes''
( Harmless Records, 2011 )
Catalog # HURTCD 109

1 Ultra High Frequency – Incompatible 5:51
2 First Choice – Smarty Pants 5:10
3 Quickest Way Out, The – Beware, She's Pulling My Strings 7:08
4 First Choice – One Step Away 5:37
5 Moment Of Truth – Love At First Sight 7:40
6 Quickest Way Out, The – Who Am I 6:31
7 Moment Of Truth – I'm So Hopelessly In Love With You 7:15
8 Loose Change – Straight From The Heart 7:39
9 TJM – Put Yourself In My Place 8:42
Bonus Tracks
10 Loose Change – Rising Cost Of Love 7:36
11 Terry Collins – Action Speaks Louder Than Words 7:09

Format:CD, Compilation
Barcode and Other Identifiers
Barcode: 5014797021099

CD: Philly ReGrooved 2: Tom Moulton Remixes - The Master Returns
Saturday, 28 May 2011 08:08
Written by Joe Muggs (The Arts Desk)
'Philly ReGrooved 2': 'There has rarely been a better demonstration that when a formula ain't broke it doesn't need fixing'.
This series of albums is the sound of one of the most epochally important producers in soul and dance music history reworking his magic. The closest analogy I can think of that non-dance music fans would appreciate is The Beatles' Love album in which George Martin went back to the master tapes and not so much remixed as recreated their work, but there is none of the whiff of superfluous tinkering here that that project had.
Tom Moulton was one of the men who invented the 12-inch remix – not simply extending a song, but remaking it from the ground up with entirely new production styles and overdubs to meet the demands of creative DJs and high-fidelity reproduction. In the process this marked the shift of 1970s disco from underground club scene to world-conquering movement, in turn influencing almost every kind of dance music thereafter, giving it a startling currency today.
Now in his sixties, Moulton has not changed his MO one bit. Taking original Philadelphia soul recordings by studio collectives like First Choice, Moment of Truth and Loose Change, he opens everything out, allowing air into the sound, letting every last detail – from the string sections to shakers and tambourines – sparkle in the space he creates for it. Everything is about finding the perfect détente between song and groove: each track here, though often over seven minutes long, retains the singalong feel of earlier, earthier, churchier soul music. The originals were in many ways mini radio dramas of love and loss; Moulton turns them into lavish epics. There's nothing here to suggest that these are new mixes rather than lost disco-era classics, and neither should there be – there has rarely been a better demonstration that when a formula ain't broke it doesn't need fixing. Utterly exquisite.

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Following last year's well-received Philly Re-Grooved collection, Harmless have asked legendary disco mixer Tom Moulton to add his midas touch to another set of largely little-known Philly soul tracks. In practice, that means faithful extensions of the original tracks, with certain musical elements emphasized (often the glorious strings and horns, or previously underused drum breaks) to dramatically increase their dancefloor worth. Moulton is a master at this kind of subtle, reverential tweak, and provides some fantastic mixes - in particular two heavyweight soul-rock rubs of Loose Change ("Straight From The Heart") and TJM ("Put Yourself In My Place"). Both should be essential listening for soul and disco diggers.
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