Sunday, 17 October 2010

More of 1 Million Of Visitors...We done it again with our Radio Blog!

More of 1 Million Of Visitors...
We done it again with our Radio Blog!

When the 'old' MFS blog was open in a 'free' form, in 4 years counted a quote near 3 million of visitors....then, due copyright problems, the blog needed a change and gone private.
When we started here at this address as MFS2 we posted only 12'' singles, 7'' singles, Compilations and Radio Programs.
Here we had too some problems and the blog changed as only 'Radio Edition'.
But here are the numbers from the Sitemeter site.
The 24 LOG counter sinalize a quote of more of 1 million too.
We want tho say thanks to all the visitors of all 'our times', for the love & affection demonstrated.
The MFS Equipe.

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