Sunday, 4 April 2010

MFS Radio Presents: ''I Wanna hear again: ”Happy Radio” # 1''

MFS Radio Presents:

''I Wanna hear again: ”Happy Radio” # 1''

1.Margie Joseph – Didn’t Have To Tell Me
2.Alder Ray Mathis – Take Me Baby
3.Ann Sexton – You’re Losing Me
4.David Batiste & The Gladiators – Funky Soul, Pt. 1
5.Georgie Woods – Potato Salad, Pt. 1
6.Lionel Hampton – Greasy Greens
7.Radars – Finger Licking Chicken
8.Bobby Byrd – I Need Help
9.Charles Williams – Booger Bear
10.Wynder K. Frog – Cool Hand Stanley
11.Toussaint McCall – Shimmy
12.Rufus Thomas – Tutti Frutti
13.People’s Choice – Nursery Rhymes
14.Side Effect – Goin’ Bananas
15.Graham Central Station – The Jam
16.Eddie Russ – I Heard That
17.Don Thompson – Hang Loose
18.Fatback Band – Love Spell

Selected by The Crew
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Friday, June 13th, 2008

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