Friday, 5 March 2010

Info: Andy's Jazz Show #7

Andy's Jazz Show #7

1. Sweet spot - Timo Lassy
2. Hitting the road again - Clark Terry Sextet
3. Little soul sister - Ray Bryant
4. Catwalk - Shakatak featuring Ronnie Laws
5. The black disciple - Donald Byrd
6. Chili peppers - Duke Pearson
7. Me and baby brother - War
8. Slide - Leon Spencer
9. Family - Hubert Laws
10. Six Million Steps - Rahni Harris

Andy's note:
A fairly mixed big would be a fair description but it's a quality mixed bag.Newish jazz from Timo Lassy,grooving tracks from Clark Terry and Ray Bryant,an unusual combination with Ronnie Laws teaming up with Shakatak.Donald Byrd,Duke Pearson keep the toes tapping before we hit some club classics.I hope you like it.

Available here.

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