Thursday, 19 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: ''Remember The Days!'' (Pt.1)

MFS Radio Presents:

''Remember The Days!'' (Pt.1)
By Andy

1.I Love New York - Metropolis
2.The Beat Goes On And On - Ripple
3.Hot For You - Brainstorm
4.Giving It Back - Phill Hurtt
5.Will They Miss Me - David Simmons
6.Love Injection - Trussel
7.Say A Prayer For Two - Crown Heights Affair
8.Just A Touch Of Love - Slave
9.Space Bass - Slick

Download here:

Andy's note:
''Remember the days'' compilations will only be available on MFS radio and not on 2 Wise Jazzheads.

Andy's blog: 2 Wise Jazzheads


MFS Equipe ♪ said...

I Love the disco side of Andy!

Andy said...

You are most welcome Pier,plenty more to come!