Monday, 30 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents : ''Music Is My Drug''

MFS Radio Presents :

''Music Is My Drug''
(Compiled by Rob)

Traklisting :
01 Althea Renè - Secret Smile
02 MC 900 Ft. Jesus - But If You Go
03 The Solsonics - Jazz In The Present Tense
04 Spank - Oh Baby
05 Randy Muller Boom Chang Bang - Groovin' U
06 Walter Beasley - Shirlitta
07 Althea Renè - Live Rigght Now
08 Chieli Minucci - Foolin' Around Again
09 Yada yada - Summer Strut
10 Down To The Bone - Music Is My Drug
11 Talbot & White - Are We On?
12 Third Rail - If You Wan' It (You Can Have It)
13 Tom Schuman - Fearless Fostic (feat. Jeff Kashiwa)
14 Walter Beasley - Steady As She Goes
15 Paula Atherton - Marimba Island
16 Charllie Moreno - Island Style

Listen/DL here.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents : ''Livin' For The Beat''

MFS Radio Presents :

''Livin' For The Beat''
(Compiled by Rob)

Tracklisting :
01 Brian Jackson - Feelin' U (Radio Edit)
02 Jump Street Band - The Groove
03 Sleepy Matsumoto & Manhattan Friends - Silk Scarves
04 Bobby Broom - Let's Stay Together
05 Paz - Always There
06 Fattburger - Night After Night
07 Niteflyte - All About Love
08 Raw Stylus - Change
09 Gota - Chase In The Urban Jungle
10 Blue Knights - Knightsmoves
11 Brian Bromberg - Love Shack
12 Liquid Soul - Action Jackson
13 Corduroy - Chowdown
14 Dave Weckl - Tower Of Inspiration
15 Charlie Moreno - Whatcha Bona Do?
16 Nick Colionne - Steppin' Back
17 Bobby Broom - Magic Johnson

Download here.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents : ''Super Groove''

MFS Radio Presents :

''Super Groove''
(Compiled by Rob)

Tracklisting :
01 Santucci/Scoppa - Transitions
02 Elizabeth Shepherd Trio - Start To Move
03 Charlie Moreno - The P-funkstas
04 Victor Wooten And Steve Bailey - Dump Cake
05 Raw Stylus - Ridequake
06 David Matthews - Super Groove
07 Eric Legnini Trio - Funky Dilla
08 Corduroy - Electric Soup
09 Fuse One - Hot Fire
10 Fattburger - Come And Get It
11 Paula Atherton - Funk It Up
12 Bill Tiberio Group - J.S. Groove
13 Jessica Lauren - Dance For Lotte
14 Matt Marshak - Shake It Again
15 Jazz Juice - Too Horny

Download here.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: ''Remember The Days!'' (Pt.2)

MFS Radio Presents:

''Remember The Days!'' (Pt.2)
By Andy

1.Weekend - Mick Jackson
2.Keep on dancin' - Gary's Gang
3.Everybody Dance - Chic
4.He's the greatest dancer - Sister Sledge
5.Feel the real - David Bendeth
6.You're so right for me - Eastside Connection
7.Galaxy of love - Crown Heights Affair
8.Six Million Steps (Instrumental) - Rahni Harris
9.Contact - Edwin Starr

Download here.

Monday, 23 November 2009

MFS Special Edition ''The Enemy Is Back'' P.E. Radio Program (1990)

MFS Special Edition

''The Enemy Is Back''
P.E. Radio Program (1990)

This program was recorded in 1990 and on air through Ciao Radio FM (Bologna-Italy) in 1991.
It contains the old hits of the famous rap group Public Enemy.
Selection & montage by JP

Remastered from tape recording with Sound Forge.
Total time: 45:33

The Enemy Is Back - P.E.Radio Program 1990 by AnthonyJazz (The JP Son)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: ''Do you like Jazz ?'' Special selection by Andy

MFS Radio Presents:

''Do you like Jazz ?''
Special selection by Andy

1.Do you like Jazz ? - The Cool Balance
2.Stolen Moments - Mark Murphy Nicola Conte Rework
3.Manteca - Cesars Salad
4.Mississippi City Strut - Stanley Turrentine
5.Day by Day - The Jazz Invaders
6.Take Off - Marco Di Marco with Nathan Haines
7.Schizophrenia - Ciruis B
8.Sguardo - Gruppo Jazz Marca
9.San Diego - Fabio Nobile
10.She Who Dares - Colman Brothers
11.Frankie - Iain Mackenzie
12.The More I Look At You - Timo Lassy

The cool balance, the Jazz influence.
More to come soon, cheers.


Download/Listen here.

MFS Radio Presents: "Night Whispers Vol. 2" (A smooth jazz collection)

MFS Radio Presents:

"Night Whispers Vol. 2"
(A smooth jazz collection by Rob)

Tracklisting :
01 Raphael Pistachio - Groofy
02 Fortadelis - Jazzin Particles
03 Serakina - Mexican Fly
04 Serakina - Travelling
05 Don Ward - Tribute To Grover
06 Don Ward - Clear Blue Now
07 Reno Project - Urban
08 100percentelectric - Snooze
09 Reno Project - Loft Side
10 Don Ward- Missing You Now
11 Reno Project - 73rd Moon
12 Reno Project - Friday
13 Serakina - On the Rocks
14 Reno Project - The Field
15 Serakina - Rather free
16 Fernando TRZ - Crab Walk Dubbing (Eumir Deodato remixed by TRZ)
17 Fortadelis - Summer Ease
18 Serakina- Inspiration

All Songs selected & downloaded by Rob from :

On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited.

Download/listen here.

Friday, 20 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: "Funk All Night" (15 funky-flavoured tracks selected by Rob)

MFS Radio Presents:

"Funk All Night"
(15 funky-flavoured tracks selected by Rob)

01 Hace Soul - Policia! Tiene un arma!
02 Mister Electric Demon - Desire In My Cream
03 Sebteix - Sax To The Beat
04 Rubenfunkster - Superfunk
05 Rubenfunkster - Move your booty
06 Arkady Michalik & Musicocompany - Wszystko albo nic (All Or Nothing) [Funk from Poland!]
07 Sebteix - Midnight Funk
08 Souled Out - P Funk
09 Stan-X - Du Rififi a Noubaka
10 Arkady Michalik Musicocompany - Parkingi (Car Parks) [Funk from Poland!]
11 Rubenfunkster - Rockets Moonshots
12 Arkady Michalik Musicocompany - Wypluwam slowa swe (Spit out his words) [version 2] [Funk from Poland!]
13 Do-Up - You Don't (Live)
14 Bounce Sugar - What Funk Is
15 Kvaleoun - Sad Day

All Songs selected by Rob & downloaded from :

On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited.

Download here at 224K

MFS Radio Presents : ''Night Whispers'' (A smooth jazz & electronica collection)

MFS Radio Presents :

''Night Whispers''
(A smooth jazz & electronica collection)
Special selection by Rob

01 Serakina - Rainy Day
02 Fortadelis - After Hours
03 Don Ward - Black Diamond
04 Triplexity - Afro Blue
05 SpatzAttack - Hildegarde
06 Reno Project - Loft Side
07 Serakina - Moonshines
08 Jibs- Pain
09 SpatzAttack - Sesame Ouvre-Toi
10 Fortadelis - True Colors
11 Reno Project - Afterwork
12 Reno Project - Constellation
13 Daniel Brandell - Cidade Sol (Remix)
14 Sebteix - Groova Patata
15 Rick Zunigar - Twilight

All Songs selected & downloaded by Rob from :

On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited.

Download/listen here.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: ''Remember The Days!'' (Pt.1)

MFS Radio Presents:

''Remember The Days!'' (Pt.1)
By Andy

1.I Love New York - Metropolis
2.The Beat Goes On And On - Ripple
3.Hot For You - Brainstorm
4.Giving It Back - Phill Hurtt
5.Will They Miss Me - David Simmons
6.Love Injection - Trussel
7.Say A Prayer For Two - Crown Heights Affair
8.Just A Touch Of Love - Slave
9.Space Bass - Slick

Download here:

Andy's note:
''Remember the days'' compilations will only be available on MFS radio and not on 2 Wise Jazzheads.

Andy's blog: 2 Wise Jazzheads

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: "Strangephunk"

MFS Radio Presents:

(jazz and funk collections)
(Selected & Compiled by Rob)

Tracklisting :
01 Raphael Pistachio - Slow Groovin
02 Mister Electric Demon - Cream or Die
03 Raphael Pistachio - An Orange Groove
04 Souled Out - Song X
05 Mister Electric Demon - SuperJam 2
06 Mister Electric Demon - Mission Ribbon 2
07 Madcliff - You Can Make The Change
08 Tschabba - Monkey Business
09 Peter King - Freedom Dance
10 Chriss Onac - Slap Open
11 - Funkytude
12 Bounce Sugar - Fonk it
13 Rubenfunkster - Take that train
14 Isla Fusa - Gran Mentira
15 - In The Morning
16 Raphael Pistachio - Guitar Tryout

Note: We are full on Soundcloud...please download the file.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

2 New Compilations at 2wisejazzheads Blog!

2 new compilations at 2wisejazzheads

Two new compilations available at 2wisejazzheads both approx 1hour long,check out A Jazz Trip and Let's B (3) Friends,but don't forget to return to MFS!

Cheers Andy

Monday, 16 November 2009

DJ JP Live at Discoteca Spiraglio, Bologna (Italy), 1986


Live at Discoteca Spiraglio, Bologna (Italy), 1986 (approx)

Mastered from cassette recording

Genre: Disco, Pop

DJ JP - Spiraglio 1986 by My Favourite Sound

Sunday, 15 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: "Today Is Groove" (17 Funky Favourites Selected by Rob)

MFS Radio Presents:

"Today Is Groove"
(17 Funky Favourites Selected by Rob)

01 Foxapet - P.F.M.
02 Sebteix - Fightin'
03 Sebteix - Fwagroove
04 Fhernando - Sweet Addiction
05 Foxapet - Sex It Up
06 Fhernando - So Excited (Twenty-Four Seven)
07 Sebteix - Today Is Groove
08 Fhernando - Sweet Melody (Sweet Jazz Amp Slo Lounge Mix)
09 Do-Up - Summertime
10 Sebteix - Sainteix
11 Andre Peters - Call Me
12 Foxapet - Feel The Groove
13 Sebteix - Douit
14 Sebteix - Yesaiiillee
15 Bounce Sugar - Back to the Sugar
16 Sebteix - Electrojazz
17 Souled Out - Rainy Day

All Songs selected by Rob & downloaded from :

On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited.

Download here:

Friday, 13 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: ''Black Station Records'' Radio Program (Feb. 1991)

MFS Radio Presents:

''Black Station Records'' Radio Program (Feb. 1991)

Black station records seems to live again....
This program was recorded in february, 1991, and on air through Ciao Radio FM radio station (Bologna, Italy).
This set contains good sounds, too.
Bobby Pierce, Johnny Hammond, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Fred & The New J.B.'s, and many more.


Black Station Record Radio Program (Feb.1991) by My Favourite Sound

Thursday, 12 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: ''Black Station Records'' Radio Program (Oct.1990)

MFS Radio Presents:

''Black Station Records'' Radio Program (Oct.1990)

Black Station Records was a FM Radio Program, started in 1989 on the Ciao Radio FM Station (Bologna-Italy), and conducted by JP.
The program turns off in the autumn of 1994.
It was one of the first radio program in Bologna treating acid jazz and related styles.
This set was recorded in 1990, october, on a cassette tape.

Contains a lot of good music, like Grant Green, Charles Kynard, Sonny Stitt and many more.

Black Station Record Radio Program (Oct.1990) part 2 by My Favourite Sound

It's good to see Black Station Records rides again!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

MFS Radio Presents: "Feel The Groove" (16 Funky-Flavoured Tracks selected by Rob)

MFS Radio Presents:

"Feel The Groove"
(16 Funky-Flavoured Tracks selected by Rob)

Tracklisting :
01 Nelson Jenstad - Spin Down
02 Lucas Jiménez - Bulerias Pa Mi Luna
03 Chriss Onac - Gourou
04 Bounce Sugar - Persuasion
05 Bounce Sugar - Noghost
06 Souled Out - New Generation ##
07 Nelson Jenstad - Sea Train
08 Sebteix - New Funk Power
09 Nelson Jenstad - Alterama
10 Foxapet - Music
11 Chriss Onac - Riff Hi Fi
12 Nelson Jenstad - To Ribbons
13 Nelson Jenstad - Snow Walking
14 Mister Electric Demon - Soul 2005
15 Nelson Jenstad - Just Your Imagination
16 Memum - Blue Lips

All Songs selected & downloaded from :

On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited.

Download here.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

My Favourite Sound© Presents: ''Do You Feel Funky?''

My Favourite Sound© Presents:

''Do You Feel Funky?''
(17 funky-flavoured tracks selected by Rob)

01 Jahzzar - Big C goes to L.A
02 Hace Soul - Bedtime
03 SpatzAttack - Do You Feel Funky
04 Kvaleoun - Production
05 Mister Electric Demon - Batman Loves My Dog
06 Jibs - Thunder
07 Hace Soul - Born To Gruf
08 Bounce Sugar - Double You
09 - So what
10 Mister Electric Demon - Back To Lyon (Version Electro Bass)
11 Bounce Sugar - Computer Magz
12 Chriss Onac - Entre Potes
13 Sebteix - Soul Time
14 Bounce Sugar - A Night In Summer
15 Cliffhanger - Ha, I hope U Can Follow
16 Chriss Onac - Confusions
17 Kvaleoun - Life Is Strike

All Songs selected by Rob & downloaded from :

On Jamendo artists allow anyone to download and share their music. It's free, legal and unlimited.

MFS Feel Funky by DJJazzyPier

Download here at 224K

Friday, 6 November 2009

Gli Indimenticabili Parte 2 - Bob & Tom

Baia degli Angeli - Bob & Tom.rar

Remember (forever) Baia Degli Angeli.
The Baia Degli Angeli. It’s not exaggerate to say everything started there.
The golden age of disco, clubbing, glamour: just everything. I’m not saying ‘discoteques’ were a novelty (although in Italy were still called nightclubs, or ‘balere’). There was the Piper, in 1965, which instilled a little bit of ‘swingin’ London inside the ancient walls of the ‘the eternal city’, Roma. There was the Altro Mondo Studios, built up as a kind of spaceship or galactic island, which in ‘67 was making believe young riminesi (not only them, anyways) that Future with capital ‘F’, the one of Urania and the first sci-fi tv series, was just a question of weeks, or a couple of months at the most. But from the start the Baia was another story. Another world, too. It started in1974, on the edge of the still big ’68 revolutionary excitement and also on the grandeur of his creator, Giancarlo Tirotti, a little local tycoon, well introduced in roman cinema’s jet-set and a taste and elegance definitely ‘international’ and - for those days - absolutely new. Let’s say it once for all: the New York’s Studio 54 hasn’t invented anything.
Mixing ‘stars’ and normal people in a beautiful place, in a way that simply ‘being there’ was already an experience, it was a bright intuition of Tirotti three years in advance of Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager.
At the Baia you could meet Hollywood’s movie stars transiting in Italy,
and by the way - before the conversion into disco, it was a sporting-club for the rich - with those totally white walls, the indoor and outdoor pools, the terrace where one could get a breathtaking view of Gabicce, it looked just like a Californian resort. Music - another news - was loud, really loud, and there was no rule of ‘three slows & three shakes’, something still in vigour in all the other clubs. And it was open till 6 a.m., you could watch the dawn at the Baia... listening to the new Philly Sound, played by Bob Day and Tom Sison the two dj’s Tirotti brought from New York. Punctually, all the other djs from Rimini and Riccione would come at the Baia to listen what Bob & Tom were doing, and it was always a shock! Firstly for the records, which both of them were getting right from USA, and the tecnique, too... In those days, putting a piece of paper between the record and the turntable, in order to get a faster start and a better mixing, was just a revolutionary strike...
In the meantime discomusic was spreading everywhere in Italy. The Baia - like a Fiorucci’s dream come true - displays plexiglass dancefloors and a crazy dj-booth inside a lift that goes up and down all the night long... the people is dancing on the 4 floors, look around and feel like being in a very ‘transgressive’ tv show, like the famous Strix on sunday nights. Rivers of champagne and a lot of very suspicious little powders are flowing... Actors, intellectuals and starlets of the little screen are usual presence on the dance floors and sofas.
Grace Jones is so often a guest to become practically part of the environment.
How beautiful was the Baia! Always completely white. Not a minute wrong detail, nor a hint of bad taste to ruin the elegant skyline. Only light, bright light... A battery of lights effects on a mechanical arm was moving
and spreading around very sexy showers of lights and shadows. The little neon-light angel, sort of good-luck symbol who became the Baia’s logo and occasionally some exploit a-la-Warhol (like the Marylin Monroe’s icon deliriously librated in the air with stripes & ballons). The ‘golden age’ of the Baia Degli Angeli lasted only two seasons. In ‘78, after repeated breaks by the Police is the definitive closing. Too much fuss, too much intimidations from the sleepy establishment of the adriatic riviera. Too many ‘joyous powders’, for the Authority.
A press document of the time (just a laughing matter today) states that the Baia «with is mere existence is promoting drugs between young people».
The little air-balloon who gave birth to the glittering dream of the Baia was finally blown up... and the legend begins. And, as always goes when legends are born (think about NewYork’s Loft or Paradise Garage, or Chicago’s Warehouse), everybody started saying «I’ve been there», when actually just very few people stepped at the Baia, and danced to that music.

In 1974-75 the Baia Degli Angeli opens. this starts the history of disco's in Italy. Situated on the hills of Gabicce (Pesaro), looking over the sea, it had different floors all connected between them. it was totally white with a breathtaking view, the console of the DJ was made from a lift with glass walls that gave the possibility to go from the first to the second floor and have a complete view of the dance floors both inside and out. Plus there was a mechanical arm with all the light effects that could move on all the different dance floors as well. there was an indoor and outdoor pool (with dance floor), avantgarde graphics, amazing closing hours (5 or 6 am) and
no “slows”, just great american music never heard before.
The music selection was by two american dee-jays: Tom Sison and Bob Day.
They all had mixers-earphones-listening monitors, but probably no one knew the best ways to use them.

Tom Sison

Bob Day

Bob Day e Tom Sison - American deejays, discotheque pioneer who lived and worked in Italy when disco era...

Tom though born in Puerto Rico, then moved to Philadelphia, then early 70's to New York where he was a resident dj in a disco no one remember name unfortunately, disco located near the docks. Tom was a deejay after hour (we say) that means - his set start about 3 a.m..
He met Giancarlo Tirotti, owner of the disco name - Baia Degli Angeli in mentioned above NYC club. Giancarlo loved what he heard and offered him job in Italy at Suerte, a resort near Baia with great amenities such as room, board, food, money for a few flights yearly to NYC to buy new records as well as good pay. Great conditions isn't it ? He could say no to this ?!
'Baia' started june 29th 1975 and changed completely the italian night life style. Tom couldn't be the only dj working from 9pm to 6am. This was too long session for any deejay. He asked Tirotti to engage a New York friend, Bob Day. Bob arrived and the best italian couple of djs of everytime was born.
Bob And Tom got a lot of friendship on Adriatic coast destined to last forever. Bob & Tom introduced some new music, never heard before - disco music, so popular in New York, but unknown in Italy. Black artists created this sound based on soul and r&b. Some examples: Gumble & Huff from Philadelphia Records, Vince Montana Jr from Salsoul...
Bob & Tom were, first in Italy, to perfect the technique for stitching records together in seamless sequencess. They hold the disc by thumb while the turntable whirled beneath insulated by a felt pad, and they would locate with an earphone the best spot to make the splice / mix, then release the next side precisely on the beat. They simply slipped cued their records making for a seamless blend of music, not known that time in Italy. They mixed records with BPM on the now classic Thorens turntables with pich control.
Their sets started before opening and in the first set they played fantastic soul music ("Let's make a baby" by Billy Paul, "I'm in heaven" by Touch of Class, "Loving you, loosing you" by Phillis Hyman...) growing rhythm. After 5 a.m. they were back to this fantastic sound, for "nice people" who wanted to dance some good music at the sun rise. Bob & Tom came back used to New York about five times a year to buy some new records and every time they bring wonderful music.
Tirotti sold 'Baia' in september 1977 - then Bob & Tom came back to United States. Tom lived intensely each moment of his life but unfortunately he passed away in early 80's victim of a life he applied his genius as much to self distruction as to creation.
Bob continued to work and he kept some contacts with italian friends. 1982 he came to Rimini for djing at 'Cellophane' on late spring, and at 'Bobbery' in Gradara during the next summer (club was called Bobbery cause Bob was resident dj...). Club had no success - then on next autumn he had some gigs in other clubs: 'Xenos' in Marina di Ravenna and a disco in Florence.
Bob was defenitly back to New York and people had no more notices about him. His italian friends passed away and nobody knows about him now. There are some roumors about an italian Bob appareance in 1987 - however to this day nothing is known for sure.

More info here:

Thursday, 5 November 2009

DJ Pier (JP) ”Discoteca Flamenco (Bologna) Live 1981”

DJ Pier (JP)

”Discoteca Flamenco (Bologna) Live - 1981”

Cassette tape, recorded approx. : spring, 1981
Resident DJ : Alex Menna
Remastered with Sound Forge

DJ JP - Flamenco 1981 by My Favourite Sound

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

MFS© Radio© Presents: Happy Radio#21 ''Songs From A Good Humor Man''

MFS© Radio© Presents:

Happy Radio#21
''Songs From A Good Humor Man''

Adam Wade - Shine On Silver Moon
Akiko Tsuruga - Where Is The Love
Althea Rene - I Love Your Smile
Bay Face Willette - 'Mo Rock
Billy Butler - The Thumb
Blue Mitchell - Good Humor Man
Harold Mabern - Greasy Kid Stuff
Hilton Felton - Blues For A Weary Man
Houston Person - Hey There
Hubert Laws - Midnight At The Oasis
Kenny Burrell - Kenny's Theme
Maynard Parker - Bad Montana
Nilo Toledo - Jazz Dance

Tracks not in the sequential order.
Total Time: 00:59:59
Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My Favourite Sound Radio© Podcast

Now My Favourite Sound Radio© is available in podcast:

MFS RADIO 020 by My Favourite Sound

Jellybean ”Rocks The House”


”Rocks The House”
( 12” Singles Compilation )
Chrysalis Records, 1988
Catalog # V2X 41652

A1 The Real Thing (West 26th Street Mix) (7:40)
Featuring – Steven Dante
A2 Coming Back For More (Part 1) (6:52)
Featuring – Richard Darbyshire
A3 Jingo (La Casa Del Juego Mix) (7:38)
B1 Just A Mirage (12” Remix) (5:45)
Featuring – Adele Bertei
B2 Little Too Good To Me (Long Hot Summer Mix) (7:52)
Featuring – Elisa Fiorillo
B3 Who Found Who (US Club Mix) (5:42)
Featuring – Elisa Fiorillo
C1 Was A Dog A Doughnut (Frontline Mix) (7:55)
Mixed By – Tony Smith
C2 Mirage (Dancers Dream) (7:08)
Mixed By – “Little” Louie Vega
Vocals – India
C3 Sidewalk Talk (Extended Dance Mix) (6:06)
Featuring – Madonna
Vocals – Catharine Buchanan
D1 Anyway You Like It (Funhouse Mix) (5:53)
Mixed By – Anthony Malloy
D2 The Mexican (Extended Dance Mix) (8:44)
Featuring – Elisa Fiorillo
D3 The Real Thing (El Barrio Remix) (6:00)

Credits & Notes:
Producer – John “Jellybean” Benitez
Format: 2 x Vinyl, LP
Country: US

Cover here.

Benitez’s mother moved from Puerto Rico in the early 1950s to the South Bronx section of New York. She raised three children as a single mother, Benitez being the second child. Born in New York City, he grew up enjoying listening to music, usually playing his sister’s record collection. His sister, Debbie, nicknamed him Jellybean as his initials are J.B. and from the saying “Do you know what I mean, Jellybean?” Benitez attended De Witt Clinton and John F. Kennedy High Schools but dropped out before graduating.
When he relocated to Manhattan in 1975, Benitez was exposed to disco nightclubs, which sparked his interest in DJing. He was soon performing at a nightclub called Experiment 4 and in 1980 Benitez enrolled and attended Bronx Community College, where he studied Marketing and Sales Promotions. Benitez was soon an in-demand DJ, which led to work at Electric Circus and Studio 54. In 1981, he was hired as the resident DJ of the club, Funhouse. Benitez also hosted a weekend dance radio show at WKTU.

From Wikipedia

*Cover from the original 12” Single ”The Mexican”

Available here.

Original Published: 31.03.09