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Willis ''Gatortail'' Jackson!

Willis “Gator” Jackson
(25 April 1932 – 25 October 1987),

Was an American jazz saxophonist. Born in Miami, Florida, Jackson joined Duke Ellington alumnus Cootie Williams’s band in 1949 as a teenager, after being discovered by Eddie Vinson. During the fifties he participated in R&B and jazz recordings, primarily as a session musician, and also toured as leader of the backing band of singer Ruth Brown, with whom he had a romantic relationship for a while. Jackson joined Prestige Records in 1959 making a string of jazz albums which proved to an influence on the burgeoning soul jazz movement. During this era, Jack McDuff and Pat Martino became famous through association with Jackson. Jackson’s main influences were Lester Young and Illinois Jacquet.
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One of our ”favvourite” saxophonist…Action, Jackson!

Willis “Gator” Jackson – saxophone (1932 – 1987)

Willis “Gator” Jackson originally established himself as a honking R&B tenor saxophonist before modifying his style and becoming a success in hard bop/soul-jazz.

Jackson was born in Florida, where he played as a teen-ager with the celebrated trumpeter Fats Navarro and other future jazz stars. He turned down offers of employment from Lionel Hampton and Andy Kirk in order to complete a college education at Florida A&M. Jackson initially played locally until he got his big break and joined Cootie Williams in 1948.
Jackson was showcased honking and screaming throughout the two-sided recording “Gator Tail” which earned him the nickname of “Gator” and led to him making his first records as a leader in 1950.

Willis Jackson was a popular attraction in the R&B field throughout the first half of the 1950s before rock and roll took over. He was married to Ruth Brown and appeared on many of her recordings of the era. Besides backing Ruth on many of her hits, he became a regular Atlantic session musician and also recorded under his own name. But by 1959 he had wisely altered his approach, eliminating some of the more excessive shrieks but still playing in a highly expressive style that fit in well with organ combos and in soul-jazz settings.
During 1959-1968, Jackson recorded constantly for Prestige, making a couple of dozen albums. Among the sets that are currently available are “Please Mr. Jackson,” “Legends of Acid Jazz,” “Keep on a Blowin,” “Gentle Gator,” “At Large,” “Gravy,” “Soul Night Live, With

Pat Martino,” and “Nuther’n Like Thuther’n.” Several of these CDs feature guitarist Pat Martino when he was a talented teenager.
In the late 70s he led a tenor-organ combo featuring Carl Wilson (organ), and Pat Martino (guitar). He enjoyed a long and fruitful association with the organist Jack McDuff.
In his last years Jackson was heard frequently at various Harlem nightspots and at the West End Cafe near Columbia University, where he traded solos with George Kelly, an early friend from Miami, in a band called Two Tenor Boogie.
Willis Jackson continued playing in prime form

up to the time of his 1987 death.
Willis Jackson left an imposing legacy of recordings covering all of his active period from 1950 up through the ‘80’s. Many are still available and are prime examples of high energy soul jazz played by one of its masters.

Born: April 25, 1932
Died: 1987
From ”All About Jazz

Da molti sconosciuto e dall’estesa discografia, Willis Jackson resta per me uno dei migliori swingers al sax. Anche se molti non concorderanno. Per me il ”Gator” ha sempre significato ”groove” e movimento. Più volte l’ho programmato nelle mie serate, da ”Bar Wars” a ”Good Bread Alley” passando per i grandi lavori su Prestige e Muse.
Da noi di MFS un omaggio al grande ”Gator Man”.

Willis Jackson Discography:


2003 The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions: Live on Stage
1992 Call of the Gators [Bonus Tracks]
1980 Nothing Butt
1980 Ya Understand Me?
1978 Lockin’ Horns: Willis and Von Live at Laren
1978 Single Action
1977 Bar Wars
1977 The Gator Horn
1976 Plays With Feeling
1976 In The Alley
1975 The Way We Were
1974 Headed And Gutted
1973 West Africa
1973 Funky Reggae
1972 Willis Jackson Recording Session
1971 Gatorade
1970 Mellow Blues
1968 Gator’s Groove
1968 Swivel Hips
1968 Star Bag
1967 Soul Grabber
1966 Together Again, Again
1965 Smokin’ with Willis
1964 Tell It….
1964 Live! Jackson’s Action
1964 Soul Night/Live!
1964 Live! Action
1964 With Pat Martino
1964 Gator Tails
1964 Willis Jackson
1964 Boss Shoutin’
1963 More Gravy
1963 Grease ‘n’ Gravy
1963 The Good Life
1963 Loose…
1962 Neapolitan Nights
1962 Bossa Nova Plus Shuckin’
1962 Thunderbird
1961 Really Groovin’
1961 Gentle Gator
1961 In My Solitude
1960 Cool Gator
1960 This’ll Get to Ya
1959 Cookin’ Sherry
1959 Together Again!
1959 Blue Gator
1959 Please Mr. Jackson
1959 Cool Grits
1959 Keep on a Blowin’
1950 On My Own

Compilations & Boxed Sets

2005 Later for the Gator
2005 The Remaining Willis Jackson 1951-1959
2005 1950-1954
2004 After Hours
2003 Together Again! [Together Again/Together Again, Again]
2002 Soul Night Live!/Tell It…
2002 Nuther’n Like Thuther’n: More Gravy/Boss Shoutin’
2001 Plays with Feeling/The Way We Were
2001 Gravy
2000 At Large
1998 Legends of Acid Jazz
1961 Soul Stompin’: The Best of Willis Jackson
1959 The Best of Willis Jackson with Brother Jack McDuff
1949 Call of the Gators

Also Johnny Hammond Cooks With Gator Tail – 1962

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