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Willis ''Gatortail'' Jackson!

Willis “Gator” Jackson
(25 April 1932 – 25 October 1987),

Was an American jazz saxophonist. Born in Miami, Florida, Jackson joined Duke Ellington alumnus Cootie Williams’s band in 1949 as a teenager, after being discovered by Eddie Vinson. During the fifties he participated in R&B and jazz recordings, primarily as a session musician, and also toured as leader of the backing band of singer Ruth Brown, with whom he had a romantic relationship for a while. Jackson joined Prestige Records in 1959 making a string of jazz albums which proved to an influence on the burgeoning soul jazz movement. During this era, Jack McDuff and Pat Martino became famous through association with Jackson. Jackson’s main influences were Lester Young and Illinois Jacquet.
From ”Wikipedia”.

One of our ”favvourite” saxophonist…Action, Jackson!

Willis “Gator” Jackson – saxophone (1932 – 1987)

Willis “Gator” Jackson originally established himself as a honking R&B tenor saxophonist before modifying his style and becoming a success in hard bop/soul-jazz.

Jackson was born in Florida, where he played as a teen-ager with the celebrated trumpeter Fats Navarro and other future jazz stars. He turned down offers of employment from Lionel Hampton and Andy Kirk in order to complete a college education at Florida A&M. Jackson initially played locally until he got his big break and joined Cootie Williams in 1948.
Jackson was showcased honking and screaming throughout the two-sided recording “Gator Tail” which earned him the nickname of “Gator” and led to him making his first records as a leader in 1950.

Willis Jackson was a popular attraction in the R&B field throughout the first half of the 1950s before rock and roll took over. He was married to Ruth Brown and appeared on many of her recordings of the era. Besides backing Ruth on many of her hits, he became a regular Atlantic session musician and also recorded under his own name. But by 1959 he had wisely altered his approach, eliminating some of the more excessive shrieks but still playing in a highly expressive style that fit in well with organ combos and in soul-jazz settings.
During 1959-1968, Jackson recorded constantly for Prestige, making a couple of dozen albums. Among the sets that are currently available are “Please Mr. Jackson,” “Legends of Acid Jazz,” “Keep on a Blowin,” “Gentle Gator,” “At Large,” “Gravy,” “Soul Night Live, With

Pat Martino,” and “Nuther’n Like Thuther’n.” Several of these CDs feature guitarist Pat Martino when he was a talented teenager.
In the late 70s he led a tenor-organ combo featuring Carl Wilson (organ), and Pat Martino (guitar). He enjoyed a long and fruitful association with the organist Jack McDuff.
In his last years Jackson was heard frequently at various Harlem nightspots and at the West End Cafe near Columbia University, where he traded solos with George Kelly, an early friend from Miami, in a band called Two Tenor Boogie.
Willis Jackson continued playing in prime form

up to the time of his 1987 death.
Willis Jackson left an imposing legacy of recordings covering all of his active period from 1950 up through the ‘80’s. Many are still available and are prime examples of high energy soul jazz played by one of its masters.

Born: April 25, 1932
Died: 1987
From ”All About Jazz

Da molti sconosciuto e dall’estesa discografia, Willis Jackson resta per me uno dei migliori swingers al sax. Anche se molti non concorderanno. Per me il ”Gator” ha sempre significato ”groove” e movimento. Più volte l’ho programmato nelle mie serate, da ”Bar Wars” a ”Good Bread Alley” passando per i grandi lavori su Prestige e Muse.
Da noi di MFS un omaggio al grande ”Gator Man”.

Willis Jackson Discography:


2003 The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions: Live on Stage
1992 Call of the Gators [Bonus Tracks]
1980 Nothing Butt
1980 Ya Understand Me?
1978 Lockin’ Horns: Willis and Von Live at Laren
1978 Single Action
1977 Bar Wars
1977 The Gator Horn
1976 Plays With Feeling
1976 In The Alley
1975 The Way We Were
1974 Headed And Gutted
1973 West Africa
1973 Funky Reggae
1972 Willis Jackson Recording Session
1971 Gatorade
1970 Mellow Blues
1968 Gator’s Groove
1968 Swivel Hips
1968 Star Bag
1967 Soul Grabber
1966 Together Again, Again
1965 Smokin’ with Willis
1964 Tell It….
1964 Live! Jackson’s Action
1964 Soul Night/Live!
1964 Live! Action
1964 With Pat Martino
1964 Gator Tails
1964 Willis Jackson
1964 Boss Shoutin’
1963 More Gravy
1963 Grease ‘n’ Gravy
1963 The Good Life
1963 Loose…
1962 Neapolitan Nights
1962 Bossa Nova Plus Shuckin’
1962 Thunderbird
1961 Really Groovin’
1961 Gentle Gator
1961 In My Solitude
1960 Cool Gator
1960 This’ll Get to Ya
1959 Cookin’ Sherry
1959 Together Again!
1959 Blue Gator
1959 Please Mr. Jackson
1959 Cool Grits
1959 Keep on a Blowin’
1950 On My Own

Compilations & Boxed Sets

2005 Later for the Gator
2005 The Remaining Willis Jackson 1951-1959
2005 1950-1954
2004 After Hours
2003 Together Again! [Together Again/Together Again, Again]
2002 Soul Night Live!/Tell It…
2002 Nuther’n Like Thuther’n: More Gravy/Boss Shoutin’
2001 Plays with Feeling/The Way We Were
2001 Gravy
2000 At Large
1998 Legends of Acid Jazz
1961 Soul Stompin’: The Best of Willis Jackson
1959 The Best of Willis Jackson with Brother Jack McDuff
1949 Call of the Gators

Also Johnny Hammond Cooks With Gator Tail – 1962

From ”WindowsMedia”.


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A World Of Tenors, new podcast show from 2Wise Jazzheads

From 2 Wise Jazzheads blog:

A World Of Tenors, new podcast show

13 tenor sax players in this new podcast show here

Play list for part 1:
Gato Barbieri - Los Desperados, 1976.
John Coltrane/Milt Jackson - The Late Late Blues, 1961.
James Carter - Django's Castle, 2007.
Jean Toussaint - One For Ronnie, 2001.
Tubby Hayes - Wonderful wonderful, 1961.
Yusef Lateef - That Lucky Old Sun, 1967.
Tim Warfield - One For Shirley, 2008.

Play list for part 2:
Sonny Rollins - Surrey With The Fringe On Top, 1957.
Bobby Wellins - Facinating Rhythm, 2006.
Stanley Turrentine - Smile Stacey, 1962.
Eddie Lockjaw Davis - The Rev, 1958.Ron Holloway - Red Clay, 1996.
D D Jackson/David Murray - Peace Song, 1995


Mark The 45 King

The 45 King

(A.K.A. DJ Mark The 45 King)

Biography by Nathan Bush (AMG)
Producer DJ Mark “The 45 King” burst onto the rap scene during the late ’80s with his bona fide breakbeat classic “The 900 Number.” However, following successful productions for Queen Latifah and his own crew, the Flavor Unit, the 45 King’s resistance to changing trends and hip-hop’s own fleeting loyalty combined to ensure his eventual obscurity. Continually respected by the hip-hop underground, he remained a prolific producer throughout his career, lending his remixing and engineering skills to nearly 40 releases from 1987 to 2000.
Born Mark James, the 45 King (as he prefers, simply, to be known) got his first taste of rap music in the late ’70s as the “record boy” for Bronx-based rap pioneers the Funky 4 (pre-+ 1). Learning the ropes of the hip-hop trade, James received an invaluable insider’s look at the coveted breakbeat records that were the very battle tools of DJ competitions. Departing from the Funky 4 circle, the 45 King spent the mid-’80s as a DJ on the New Jersey scene. In 1983, at the age of 22, his first production for MC Marky Fresh caught the attention of KISS-FM’s Kool DJ Red Alert. It wasn’t until 1987 that James’ career really got underway, however, with his work for Wild Pitch artist Latee on “This Cut’s Got Flavor.” That same year, the 45 King slowed down the sax solo from a record he’d received from Tuff City’s Aaron Fuchs and dropped the results over an irresistibly funky break. The resulting track, “The 900 Number,” exploded, its horn line (sampled from Marva Whitney’s James Brown-produced “Unwind Yourself”) forever ingrained in the collective hip-hop psyche. The 45 King was awarded a production deal and a long-term contract. He proceeded to showcase the members of the Flavor Unit on a series of Tuff City releases.

Debuts from Lakim Shabazz (Pure Righteousness) and Chill Rob G (”Court Is in Session”) were released in 1988. The following year, new Tommy Boy recording artist Queen Latifah selected the 45 King to contribute tracks to her debut, All Hail the Queen. The collaboration produced Latifah hits “Wrath of My Madness” and “Ladies First.”

However, Tuff City failed to get behind Shabazz’s sophomore, 45 King-produced Lost Tribe of Shabazz (1989), and the album drifted into obscurity. Eventually dropped from Tommy Boy, Latifah relocated to Motown, and the new label’s efforts to polish the rapper’s sound meant the 45 King’s services were not requested. Suddenly, the confines of a long-term contract failed to appeal. James spent the early ’90s remixing, producing, and constructing his own phenomenal solo recordings under titles like Lost Breakbeats, Breakapalooza, and The 45 Kingdom. In 1996, DJ Kool’s recycling of the 45 King’s classic “The 900 Number” took off, climbing to number five on the rap charts. Acknowledging the song’s source, the MC released a new 45 King remix of the track. James’ resurgence coincided with the growing interest in hip-hop’s old-school stylings. In 1997, England’s Ultimate Dilemma paid tribute, reissuing the producer’s Lost Breakbeat series as Universal Beat Generation. One year later, the 45 King’s production of Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” (complete with Annie sample) scaled the charts, proving the producer’s lasting viability.

Production & Remixes:

Aaliyah-Try Again (remix),Your Girl 2000 (remix)
Apache-I Feel Like Flowing, Smooth But Hard, Do Fa Self, Flavor Unit Assassination Squad & remix,Passin The Mike
Big Pooh-Roll With Me, Simplicity, Still The One, Harlem Bros, Drop Da Bomb
Big Scoob-Can Du
Bigga Sista-1,2,3
Biz Markie-Turn Back The Hands of Time
Bush Babees-The Love Song (remix)
C & C Music Factory_Do You Wanna Get Funky (remix)
Carry Von Murry-Lady
Celph Titled-Right Now
Chill Rob G-Chillin, Ride The Rhythm LP, Let Me Know (remix), Simplicity, Go Off Rob, Taking Them Back
Class A Felony
Cold Crush Brothers-Heartbreakers (remix),We Reserve The Right To Rock (remix)
Common-Car Horn
Craig Mack-Wooden Horse
David Bowie-Fame 90
Def Jef -Don’t Sleep,
Diamond D-Best Kept Secret (Remix),Check 1-2, Double Dare, U Don’t Owe Me
Digital Underground-Packetman (45 King’s extended mix)
DJ Kool-Let Me Clear My Throat (remix)
Double J-Cannibal Town, Def Style, The Hitman LP,Flavor Unit Assassination Squad & remix, Big Ballers
Ed Lover and Dre-Who’s The Man
Eric B & Rakim-Microphone Fiend (Remix),Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (Remix),The R (Remix), I Know You Got Soul (45 King unreleased remix), Run for Cover, Mahagony Rakim: Feeling You, How I Get Down
Fanclub Erdberg-Anton Polster Du Bist Leiwand
Gangstarr-Knowledge, Gusto, Movin On’ ,To Be A Champion, Bust A Move
Grandmaster Caz-A Girl Named Kim (remix)
Jay-Z-Hard Knock Life, Check It
Jibri Wise One-I’ll Be There For You (remix)
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra-I Can’t Stop (45 King Hip Hop Break Re- Mix)
Kid Capri-Put The Funk Out
King Sun-Fat Tapes, It’s A Heat Up
Lady Champain-Super People,Welcome to the Terrordome, Drop Da Bomb
Lakim Shabazz-Pure Righteousness LP,Lost Tribe of Shabazz LP,The Red, The Black & The Green,When A Wise Man Speaks, Your Arms Too Short To Box with God,Hands of Fate,La-Kim Theme,Raw Dope Rhyme,900 Number (version off Master of The Game LP), Style is Free,Flavor Unit Assassination Squad & remix, Really Don’t Want It, Flow Motion
Latee-No Tricks,Wake Up, This Cuts Got Flavor, Brainstorm,Passin The Mike
Puttin on The Hits,
Lati Rocks The Bells
Lisa Stansfield-Been Around the World (Remix)
Lord Alibaski-Top Gun,What It Takes To Be A Rapper, Lyrics in Motion,Flavor Unit Assassination Squad & remix
Lucy Hawkins-Gotta Get Outta Here (45 King original break mix)
Madonna-Keep it Together -(Remix)
Mad Skills-Triny
Maestro Fresh Wes-Drop The Needle on the Record (remix)
Major Force- Orchids-I Will Call You (remix)
Maniac Mob-Get Up, Popcorn, Rock The Rhythm
Markey Fresh-The King is Here, No Thang, The Mack of Rap
MC Lyte-Big Bad Sister, Kamikaze, Like a Virgin, Absolutely,Practical Jokes
MC Sugar Ray & Stranger D-Knock Em Out (remix)
Miss Bell-7 Days
Mobb Deep-Scam (remix)
Paula Perry-Y’all Chickens Make Me Laugh
PMD-Thought I Lost My Spot
Princess Superstar-Bad Babysitter (remix)
Public Enemy-Bring The Noise (remix)
Queen Latifah-All Hail The Queen LP, Princess of the Posse (remix),Jersey State of Mind, Name Callin
Rasco-Run The Line (remix)
Ruff Jusdis-Keep Up With The Rhyme (Piano Mix)
Salt N Pepa-My Mic Sounds Nice (Remix)
Shelly Thunder-Working Girl (Extended Mix)
Spoonie Gee-Spoonin Rap (remix)
Stereo MCs -On 33 (remix)
Take 6 -Spread Love?
The Jaz-Sign of The Crimes,Rhymes For Da Funny Farm
Together Brothers-Get Off His & Get Off Mine
Too Nice-Cold Facts (remix)
Trey Lorenz-On and On
Wanda Dee-To The Bone
Wee Papa Girl Rappers-Wee Rule (Hip Hop Remix)
Wildchild-Two Five
X-Clan-Heed The Word of a Brother


DJ Mark The 45 King Appreciation Week

Here on WakeYourDaughterUp blog you can find more!

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From This Is Tomorrow Blog: ''michael jackson regrooved by goodgroove''

Dancing Machine - The Jackson 5 (Regrooved by DJ Kid Stretch)
Don't Stop Till You Get Enough - Michael Jackson (Regrooved by The Sly Players)
Bad - Michael Jackson (Regrooved by The Captain)
Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson (Regrooved by Badboe & DJ Prosper)
Workin Day & Night - Michael Jackson (Regrooved by Funkburners)
Lovely One - The Jacksons (Regrooved by Slynk & DJP)
Dapper Dan - Michael Jackson (Regrooved by Torpedotrickser)
Workin Day & Night - Michael Jackson (Regrooved by Funktomas)
Get It Together - The Jackson 5 (Regrooved by Umbo)
Another Part Of Me - Michael Jackson (Regrooved by Featurecast)
I Want You Back - The Jackson 5 (Regrooved by Basement Freaks)
Take Me Back - Michael Jackson (Regrooved by Parker)
Life Of The Party - The Jackson 5 (Regrooved by Calagad13)
Things I Do For You - The Jackson 5 (Regrooved by Da Wiesel)


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My Favourite Sound© Presents: ”Speciale Philadelphia” Radio Program

My Favourite Sound© Presents:

”Speciale Philadelphia” Radio Program

Ciao Radio FM/Bologna, 1990
Philadelphia International Records Radio Special
Music selected by JP


Archie Bell & The Drells
Jerry Butler
Jean Carne
Gamble and Huff
The Intruders
The Jackson 5
Patti LaBelle
McFadden & Whitehead
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
Vincent Montana, Jr.
The O’Jays
Billy Paul
Teddy Pendergrass
Lou Rawls
Dee Dee Sharp
Bunny Sigler
The Three Degrees
…and more!
(Only vinyl!)

This was a radio program, recorded on music cassette.
Get down with the Philly Sound!

Posted on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Links also in comments.

''The Go Go Lexicon'' (And Radio Program Live From 1990)

(And Radio Program Live From 1990)

Radio Program (1990 Cassette Recording)
Recorded at Ciao Radio FM (Bologna-Italy)
(Not speaked-this is only a music program)

If you wanna Go Go, let’s get initiate…Thanks to Stuart Cosgrove, black Echoes and New Musical Express.This is the first comprehensive GoGo vocabulary commented lexicon.


Bomb is the power of Go-Go beating past midnite, and the handle of young Washington’s favorite street chant. ‘Drop the bomb on the south-east crew. Say south-east crew now what ya gonna do? Drop the bomb on the Go Go crew’. In the club of Chocolate city BOMB is the bomb of funkativity not a weapon of war, it’s a catch-all term for un-cut funk. But the bomb is to slump and do it in basement style, to be bad (not to be baaaad). Bomb can be the same and the opposite of CRANKING.
TROUBLE FUNK dropped the bomb but E.U bombed cos they ain’t got no power.Confused? you should be. Say what?


It is the fast percussive beat on the funk’s permanent bass guitar and a sound of a Go Go crew playing at their best. The SOUL SEARCHERS cranked through the 70’s with CHUCK BROWN upfront and then the young pretenders sized the name. Cranking became everything done with style, the term to describe a victorious group in D.C’s week-end battle of bands, the Go Go’s crowning glory E.U cranked and the RARE ESSENCE ran for cover.
But crankling is also the sound of the needle: showing scag, shooting junk, the mad dog barking, doing dust, smack and funk.
Cranking is the bad angel’s route to the vein of Go Go. EXPERIENCE UNLIMITED’s monster cranking jam “Meet me at the go go” held it all. Funk and junk, Friends or foe? Don’t trust the dust.


It is the aged old bazzword and acid funk refined over the years by SLY and his FAMILY STONE, George CLINTON and his P-Funk army and the merry pranksters of urban dance.Freak was black music psychadelic dated wit extended rock.
Then Go Go shook the world for stepping out, dancing wild, going nuclear and doing it to death. ‘A party over here, a party over there, go go freak me out of this atmosphere’. ‘Shake your thang’ is an anthem for D.C sisters. At he Go-Go’s the freak-bodies are the hard edged ladies at the front, shaking skin and set for sex, without complications. ‘Hey boy freak my body’. They are the chocolate city girls, hard centers and party hearty, no-one dances the wop like freakbodies.


The dictionary definites FUNK as ‘a state of fright’, ‘a croward’ or ’self-disturb’. In Germany, FUNK is the radio, broadcating and telecommunications. Shout it loud. In black music funk is on the run always changing yet staying the same.
Go Go was the revelation of the 84’s, new but old as time. Funk is sweat, spunk and the smell of sex.It is the fiercest end of dance. A thirty year journey down DYKE and THE BLAZER’s “funky broadway”, a sur-real encounter with FUNKADELIC, a FATBACK date in the Ohio streets, and a rap convention on a south Bronx block. A tleast we reached the state line, the outside wrapper round chocolate city. Go-Go is the heritage, over thirty years of grit from BROWN to BOOTSY the LITTLE BENNY.


Both the names and the sound have their origins in the sixties, when Go-Go was black America’s term for soul disco. THE MIRACLES “Going to a Go-Go”, RUTH BAKER’s “Batman at the Go-Go” and MATT LUCAS’s”Baby you better Go-Go” helped to institute the word inthe inner cities. It fell out of fashion but in Washington the word refused to die. It became the dance, a night on the darkened dancefloor and finally the description term for the city’s self-contained funks circuits.
At the heart of go-go culture is the famous HOWARD THEATRE, a decaying black house with soul’s history on its side. All the godfathers have played their en route to the Apollo in Harlem. James BROWN, Aretha FRANKLIN and Stevie WONDER tore the play-house down and somehow the sound rubbed off. Go-Go is the Howard: funk is faded grandeur and marble hard.


It is the go-go street slang for the addictive chemical PCP know elsewhere as angel dust. The love-boat has claimed the lives of several go-go children and splits the crews in two. It takes the user on a false voyage into inexplicable moods of violent anger and makes the go-go tense with friction.
Love-boat is the great deciever, a sexual stimulant, the dust that talks suckers, dancers and freakbodies back to berd. But the boat sends you haywire and the bands finally fighted back. ICEBERG SLIM’s “Good to go”, E.U’s “Don’t take another tote of the love-boat”. Say drop the bomb on the love-boat too.


It speeks in 3D, work means to labour, to dance and to F**k. The funk term “Work your body” contains all three meaning. Hey SYLVESTER “Do ya wanna Funk”?. Work has been on duty for decades: the midnight shift on the go-go floor. More than any other word it is work which define the beat of go-go funk: sweat, sex and the toil of a hard night’s play on the go-go floor. Work that body to death. Come on now…

From : Black Music Collectors.

Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2008

Listen Here & Here (Mixcloud)

Bernard Purdie ''Funky Purdie'' Podcast

Bernard Purdie ''Funky Purdie'' Podcast

On Chewing Pine

Rash Music Criticism
”Purdie Funky”

01 – Funky Mozart
02 – Never Can Say Goodbye
03 – On the Outskirts of Minitow
04 – Hap’nin’
05 – Cold Sweat
06 – Bee ‘n Tee
07 – Spanish Harlem
08 – Soul Drums
09 – Blow Your Lid (But Watch Your Cool)
10 – Funky Donkey
11 – Testifyin’
12 – Purdie Good
13 – Jimmy’s Back
14 – Watcha See is Watcha Get


Posted on Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

WKTU FM-NY ''The Battle Of The Disco DJs'' (1982)

Part 1:
DJs: Tony Sanchez, Aldo Marin & José ”The Animal” Diaz
Part 2:
DJs: John ”Jellybean” Benitez & David Colonna Spanisi

Recorded on mixtape in NYC, approx. 1982 from WKTU FM Radio.
A MFS© Production, 2009
Ripped from mixtape.

La storia:
Nel 1982 feci il mio unico viaggio negli USA, a New York. Avevo 21 anni ed ero appena tornato dalla leva militare.
Arrivato all’aeroporto, stanco me ne andai in albergo. Mi ero portato con me alcune cassette con dei pezzi di cui dovevo chiederne il titolo…già allora la passione della musica mi aveva contagiato!
Bene, arrivo in hotel, mi faccio un bagno rapido, mi apro una birrettina e accendo la radio dell’albergo, di quelle che ci sono nelle stanze.
E…per caso era sintonizzata sulla WKTU FM, emittente che poi ho saputo era ”mitica” per la disco. Che io non conoscevo. Insomma un colpo di culo.
Annunciavano che l’indomani ci sarebbe stata la ”Battle of the Disco DJs”, con tanto di nomi illustri (mancava solo il Savarese!), ecc. ecc..
Preso dalla foia, scendo in strada, trovo un negozio di apparecchi elettronici e compro un radioregistratore…il gioco è fatto!
In verità le cassette erano 2, poi se ne aggiunsero altre 2 del mio amico Mariele Grandi, che le ebbe non so come.
Queste MK7 furono ampiamente programmate nell’etere bolognese all’epoca. Purtroppo ne ho persa una.
Questa mi è saltata fuori da una cassa dove ero andato a ”ravanare” con mio figlio l’altro giorno.
Ve la proponiamo perchè ne vale la pena.
Buon ascolto!

Piccola nota sui DJs:
JellyBean lo conosciamo benissimo, e non solo per essere uno degli ex di Madonna…DJ residente dello Xenon e del Funhouse di NY, ancora produce ed è attivo nell’ambito musicale.
Aldo Marin e ”The Animal” Diaz invece intrapresero una carriera ”hip hop” e ”house”, e questo è già riconoscibile per lo stile in questa cassetta. Produttori di vari gruppi e progetti, ricordiamo fra gli altri Special Request, Imperial Brothers e soprattutto Hashim e Nytro Deluxe.
Di Tony Sanchez e Colonna Spanisi invece non so niente. Se qualcuno magari volesse aiutarmi…


WKTU FM – today -”The Beat Of New York”


Posted on Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Back on the track…

Back on the track…

With songs by:
Bobby Timmons, Herbie Hancock, Chico Hamilton, Wayne Shorter, Bob James, Charles Kynard, Cymande, Sonny Stitt, Blue Mitchell, Freddie Hubbard, Kool & The Gang, Houston Person, Billy Larkin & The Delegates, Billy Hawks, Bobby Hamilton Quintet, Funk Inc., Hysear Don Walker, Bill Whiters, Sly Stone, Señor Soul, and others.

Compiled by JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009

The Return of the Man part one here.

With songs by:
Pleasure, Kay-Gees, Fatback Band, Kool & The Gang, Andrew White, Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers, Willie Henderson & The Explosions, Black Heat, Brass Construction, Hamilton Bohannon, Bell & James, Bill Summers & The Summer’s Heat, and more.

Recorded live at two different parties (sept.2009)…
Compiled & worked by JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009

The Return of the Man part two ( Any Time is Party Time? ) here.

MFS© Radio© Presents: ''Happy Radio # 20'' ”Same Feelings In Different Songs”

MFS© Radio© Presents:

”Same Feelings In Different Songs”

Download at 320k

1.Ronnie Foster – Summer Song
2.Dorothy Ashby – Canto De Ossanha
3.Tina Brooks – Back To The Tracks
4.Crosby, Stills & Nash – Dark Star
5.Freddie McCoy – Light My Fire
6.Walter Wanderley – Soulful Strut
7.The Three Sounds – Unity (Jazzanova Mix)
8.Gabor Szabo – Ziggidy Zag
9.Immature – We Got It (Oakland Remix)
10.A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out (Instrumental)
11.Adriana Evans – Seen Is Believing
12.Brenda Boykin – Hard Swing Travellin’ Man
13.Ventures – Wack Wack

Total Time: 00:55:41
Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009

MFS RADIO 020 by My Favourite Sound

Special thanks to Rob & Mr.Blax…
Posted on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

My Favourite Sound© Radio ''Happy Radio # 19'' ”Back To Back-The Best Of MFS© Grooves”


My Favourite Sound© Radio

''Happy Radio # 19''
”Back To Back-The Best Of MFS© Grooves”

1.Jimmy McGriff – Red Sails In The Sunset
2.The Last Word – Funky & Some
3.The Ramrods – Soul Express (Pt.1)
4.Bobby Franklin – Mutha’s Love
5.Mickey & The Soul Generation – Iron Leg
6.Pat Alley – Pat’s Rubber Band
7.Eddie Henderson – Open Eyes
8.Hank Ballard – Butter Your Popcorn
9.Sandy Nelson – Alligator Boogaloo
10.Unknown – Chick-A-Boom
11.Lydia Pense & Cold Blood – Feel The Fire
12.Buddy Rich – Wack Wack (Live)
13.Monk Higgins – Walking In My Sleep
14.Monk Higgins – Gotta Be Funky
15.Marvin Gaye – Praise
16.D.J. Rogers – Trust Me (12” Version)

Total Time: 1:00:15
Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009
Posted on Monday, August 24th, 2009

My Favourite Sound© Radio ''Happy Radio # 18'' ”May The Funk Be With You”

My Favourite Sound© Radio
''Happy Radio # 18''
”May The Funk Be With You”


1.James Brown – The Funky Drummer
2.ST-4 – Funky
3.Bobby Williams – Funky Superfly (Pt.One)
4.Boobie Knight – Somebody Touch Me
5.B.T. Express – Do It
6.George Duke – I Am For Real
7.Jr. Walker – Leap & Peep
8.Mickey Murray – Mama’s Got The Wagon
9.Junior Parker – Love Ain’t Nothin But A Business Goin’ On
10.L.T.D. – Groove For A Little While
11.Lowell Fulsom – Tramp (Vocal)
12.Ice – T Feat. War – Heartbeat (12” Remix)
13.Mandrill – Can You Get It
14.Shabba Ranks – Ready Ready Goody Goody
15.Side Effect – Goin’ Bananas

Total Time: 1:02:30
Download here

Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009
Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

”ST-4 – Funky” Courtesy of Funky 16 Corners Blog

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio # 16'' ''…jazz in our present tense?”

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio # 16'' ''…jazz in our present tense?”


Contains (tracks not in the sequence order):
Donald Byrd – Mustang
Thelonious Monk – Straight No Chaser
Percussive Jazz – The Man With The Golden Arm
The Solsonics – Jazz In The Present Tense
Dizzy Gillespie – Alligator
Baby Face Willette – Face To Face
The Soul Jazz Orchestra – Red Light
O’ Donel Levy – Side Show
Charles Earland – Organyk Groove
Cannonball Adderley – The Scene
Bobby Timmons – Tom Thumb
The New Mastersounds (feat. Corinne Bailey Rae) – Your Love Is Mine (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
Charles Kynard – Change Up
Ella Fitzgerald – On the Sunny Side of the Street

Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009
Posted on Sunday, August 30th, 2009

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio # 15'' ''The Brasilândia Beat ”

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio # 15'' ''The Brasilândia Beat ”


1.Marcelo D2 – Desabafo (Edit)
2.Meirelles E Os Copa 5 – Na Baixa Do Sapateiro
3.Incognito – Barumba
4.Tim Maia – Meu Samba (Beleza!)
5.Elza Soares & Jorge Aragâo – Malandro (Live)
6.Grupo Pedindo Bis – A Gente Bota ‘Pra Quebrar
7.Seu Jorge – Burguesinha (Só No Filé…)
8.Elza Soares – Saltei De Banda (Original 7”)
9.Toni Tornado – Me Libertei
10.Arnaud Rodrigues – Nega (Para a Susy!)
11.Sam Jazz – Nega Neguinha
12.Astrud Gilberto & Walter Wanderley – Nega Do Cabelo Duro
13.Wilson Simonal – Mexirico Da Candinha (Original 7”)
14.Jair Rodrigues – Deixa Isso ‘Pra Lá
15.Os Incríveis – Vendedor De Bananas
16.Abilio Manoel – Luiza Manequim
17.Banda Black Rio – Gafiera Universal
18.Wilson Das Neves E Seu Conjunto – Brazzaville
19.Clube Do Balanço – Palladiun (Para o Tony Hits)
20.Chocolate Da Bahia – Roda De Samba (É nois!)
21.Sonia Santos – O Malandro

Selected By JP
(Deixa eu dizer o que penso desta vida, preciso demais desabafar…)
Recorded live, Vila Brasilândia , 14 december, 2008.
Recordings by Mr.Blax
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009
Posted on Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

My Favourite Sound© Radio ''Happy Radio # 14'' ''Absolutely Jazzy''

My Favourite Sound© Radio

''Happy Radio # 14'' ''Absolutely Jazzy''


1.Blackbyrds - Time Is Movin' On
2.Cedar Walton - Sundown Express
3.Jackie McLean - Goin' Way Blues (Alt Take)
4.Stanley Turrentine - One Shirt
5.Johnny 'Hammond' Smith - Open House
6.Gene Ammons - Soul Summit
7.Yuseef Lateef - Take The 'A' Train
8.Sonny Stitt & Don Patterson - Soul People
9.Don Patterson - A Little Barefoot Soul
10.Shirley Scott - Ain't Misbehavin'
11.Hank Mobley - Hank's Waltz
12.Reuben Wilson - Superfly
13.Elvin Jones - Raunchy Rita
14.Sonny Stitt - Livin' Without You

Selected by JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009
Posted on Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio # 13”

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio # 13”


1.Jack McDuff – Black Is!
2.Olympic Runners – Grab It
3.Andrew White – Who Got The Funk Pt.2
4.Banda Black Rio – Vidigal
5.Candido – Candido’s Funk
6.The Dells – No Way Back
7.The Dramatics – Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get
8.The Best Of Both Worlds – Broad Jumping
9.Buddy McKnight – Everytime Pt.2
10.Lorenzo The Hat & The Mad Hatters – Fun-Key
11.Marlena Shaw – California Soul
12.Dennis Coffey – Big City Funk
13.George Freeman – New Improved Funk
14.Ms. Bu – Opus For O.P.
15.O’ Donel Levy – Freedom & Good Times
16.Hank Crawford – Sugar Free (Remastered)
17.Johnny Hammond – Starborne

Selected by JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2009
Posted on Friday, January 16th, 2009

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio # 12” ”Destination Motherland”

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio # 12”
”Destination Motherland”


1.Roy Ayers – Intro/The River Niger
2.Della Reese – Choice Of Colors
3.Eddy Senay – Sarko East
4.Manu Dibango – From Congo
5.The Power Of Attorney – I Wanna Be Free
6.Black Heat – Chip’s Funk
7.Manu Dibango – New Bell (Version)
8.Kalyan – Hello Africa
9.The New Mastersounds – Kuna Matata
10.Zzebra – Mr.J
11.Instant Funk – Funky Africa
12.Johnny Pate – Truck Stop (From Shaft In Africa OST)
13.Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – Night Glider
14.Grant Green – Afro Party
15.Roy Ayers – Destination Motherland

Selected by JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Thursday, December 18th, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio # 11” ”Mr. Blax – Um Toque De Classe”

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio # 11”
”Mr. Blax – Um Toque De Classe”

Program recorded at Radio RCP 99.7 FM São Paulo,
in two different sessions.

TIME 28,34

TIME 29:51

Selected By Mr.Blax
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Mr.Blax is a classical DJ & promoter in the black-soul world here in São Paulo,
maybe one of the ”Godfathers” of this sound in this mega city.
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for him, folks!

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio # 10” ”The Willis ”Gator” Jackson Tribute”

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio # 10”
”The Willis ”Gator” Jackson Tribute”


1.Intro Break
2.Rhode Island Red
3.The Goose Is Loose
4.Gator’s Tail
5.Polka Dots & Moonbeams
6.The Man I Love
7.Gator’s Groove
8.Good Bread Alley
9.The Gator Horn (Sax Solo)
10.What’s Going On
12.The Song Of Ossanha
13.Willis & Von (With Von Freeman, Live)
14.End Break

Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio” # 9

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio” # 9


1.Bobby Pierce – Think
2.Houston Person – Ain’t Misbehavin’
3.Grant Green – Walk In The Night (Live)
4.Jack McDuff – Pork Chops & Pasta
5.Quincy Jones – Hicky Burr
6.The Last Word – Keep On Bumpin’
7.South Tampa Horn Band – Machine Gun
8.The New Mastersound – Thermal Bad
9.DJ Mark The 45 King – Jazz It Up (Fast Version)
10.Plunky & The Oneness Of Ju Ju – Everyway But Loose (Instrumental)
11.Pleasure – Joyous
12.Odell Brown & The Organ-izers – Nitty Gritty

Selected by The Equipe
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Thursday, October 16th, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio” # 8

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio” # 8


1.Fatback Band - Do The Boogie-Woogie
2.Richard 'T' Bear - Sunshine Hotel
3.Bell & James - Livin' It Up (It's Friday Night)
4.AHZZ - New York's Movin' (Instrumental)
5.Kongas - Africanism/Gimme Some Lovin'
6.Kat Mandu - The Break
7.First Choice - Hold Your Horses
8.Gene Chandler - When You're # 1
9.Edwin Starr - Contact!
10.Kool & The Gang - Open Sesame (Get Down With The Genie)
11.Love Committee - Just As Long As I Got You (12'' Remix)
12.Double Exposure - Ten Percent (Original 12'' Mix)

Selected by The Crew
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio” # 7

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio” # 7


1.The Soul Searchers – Funk For This Folks
2.Bobby Byrd – Sayin’ It & Doin’ It (Version)
3.The Four Tops – Are You Man Enough
4.Manu Dibango – Dakar Streets
5.Leon Huff – Tight Money
6.Al Wilson – Count The Days
7.Ben Vereen – Stop Your Half Steppin’ Mama
8.Bloodstone – Sign For Me Dad
9.Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady – Somebody Touch Me
10.Johnny Griffith Inc. – Together Togetherness
11.Isaac Hayes – Type Thang (7” Version)
12.Don Downing – Doctor Boogie (7” Version)
13.Miami – The Party Freaks (Part One)
14.Sly Stone – Remember Who You Are
15.The Noble Knights – Sing A Simple Song
16.Kay-Gees – Get Down (7” Version)

Selected by The Crew
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Sunday, August 10th, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio” # 6

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio” # 6


1.Brother Jack McDuff – Black Is
2.John Wagner Coalition – Coldblooded
3.Billy Larkin – Funky Fire
4.Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – D-Doo
5.Willis ‘Gator’ Jackson – Good Bread Alley
6.Candido – Thousand Finger Man
7.Charles Kynard – Hot Sauce
8.Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers – Do It What I Wanna
9.Jimmy McGriff – Funky Junk
10.Bobby Hutcherson – Ummh
11.Odell Brown & The Organ-Izers – No More Water In The Well
12.Ronnie Foster – Some Neck
13.Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – The Madison Time
14.The Steampacket – The ‘In’ Crowd
15.Eddie Fisher – Thump & Bump
16.Crown Heights Affair – Far Out

Selected by The Crew
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio” # 5

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio” # 5


01 Albertone Intro (by Piero Piccioni)
02 Pleasure – Space Is The Place
03 Sea Level – Sneakers Fifty-Four (LP Version)
04 Wood Brass & Steel – Funkanova
05 Sonny Stitt – Blue Monsoon
06 Chic – São Paulo
07 Montana – Warp Factor II
08 Fatback – Chillin’ Out (12” Version)
09 Fun Boy Three – Our Lips Are Sealed (12” Version)
10 Instant Funk – Philly Jump
11 Zinga Washington – Respect
12 Denise LaSalle – Freedom To Express Yourself
13 The Mighty Clouds Of Joy – Mighty Clouds Of Joy
14 Dynamic Superiors – Stay Away
15 Unknown – Super Mellow (Paul Humphrey)

Selected by The Crew
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
…The mighty clouds of the joy of music….
Posted on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio” # 4

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio” # 4


1.Wally Badarou – Novela Das Nove (Instrumental)
2.The JuJu Orchestra – The Hip Shake
3.The Three Pieces – Backed Up Against The Wall
4.Olympic Runners – Drag It Over Here
5.Houston Person – Heavy Juice
6.Willis Jackson – Bar Wars
7.Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – Soul Message
8.Asiko – Hot Black
9.Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie – Attica
10.Les McCann & Eddie Harris – Shorty Rides Again
11.George Benson – Footin’ It (Mono)
12.Grover Washington Jr. – Not Yet
13.Leon Huff – Tight Money
14.Eddie Henderson – Inside You

Selected by The Crew
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Sunday, June 29th, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio” # 3

My Favourite Sound© Radio

”Happy Radio” # 3


1.The Blackbyrds – Supernatural Feeling (12′ Version)
2.Johnnie Taylor – Cheaper To Keep Her
3.Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
4.The Detroit Emeralds – I Just Don’t Know About This Girl Of Mine
5.The Soul Searchers – It’s All In Your Mind
6.The Three Degrees – Caught Between Two Fires
7.Willie Henderson – Loose Booty
8.Gap Band – I Yike-It
9.Señor Soul – It’s Your Thing
10.The Politicians Feat. McKinley Jackson – Church
11.Mandrill – Fat City Strut
12.Pleasure – Nothing To It
13.Brand Nubian – Wake Up (Reprise In The Sunshine)
14.Professor X – What’s Up G
15.The Ohio Players – Sleep Talk
Total Time : 55:47

Selected by The Crew
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

My Favourite Sound© Radio ”Happy Radio” # 2

My Favourite Sound© Radio
”Happy Radio” # 2


1.Billy Butler – Hold It
2.Carmen McCrae – I Ain’t Here
3.Charles Kynard – Slop Jar
4.Gene Ammons – The Jungle Boss
5.Odell Brown & The Organ-izers – Raising The Roof
6.Ron Carter – R2,M1
7.Cal Tjader – Shoshana
8.Herbie Hancock – People Are Changing
9.The Jazz Crusaders – Hard Times
10.John Kasandra – Love Is Not The Answer
11.Dexter Gordon – Stanley The Steamer
12.Cedar Walton – Jacob’s Ladder

Selected by The Crew
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2008
Posted on Saturday, June 14th, 2008